Enrolment for all students is a very important process which is outlined in our Admissions Policy which is formed on the regulations outlined in the Admissions Bill.

Applications are generally assessed in one of the two following categories:


1. Enrolment as a First Year student. Every school will publish an annual Admissions on the school website. Our school does this in September with our time for accepting applications outlined within. This is normally done during October. All applications received in this time will be assessed under the categories outlined in our Admissions Policy.


2. Enrolment to other Year Groups within the school. The process is also outlined within the Admissions Policy and each application will be assessed individually before a recommendation is made by the Board of Management.


Please find below the documentation relating to the Admissions for 2024/2025.  When you click on a link  below it should open or download the relevant document.  Please contact us if you have any issue downloading these forms.