Principal's Address

Mr Michael Carew

As Principal, on behalf of the hardworking, dedicated staff and Board of Management of St. Mary’s Knockbeg College, I would like to welcome you to our new website which I hope will provide you with a flavour of life here in our school. I know that it will certainly offer you a sense of the wonderful school that we have.

In September 2021 we opened our renovated and extended buildings following a Department of Education funded project costing in excess fifteen million euro. This has provided our school community with state of the art facilities to meet the needs of our current and future students. In line with the redevelopment our curriculum has modernised to provide a broad and balanced range of subjects for students to study for their Leaving Certificate examination. This includes newer subjects such as Applied Technology, Politics and Society, Physical Education and Accountancy along with all the traditional subjects.
St Mary’s Knockbeg College is a Catholic voluntary secondary school under the trusteeship of the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Rev Denis Nulty. As such, we place great value on faith formation, the nurturing of spirituality and an exposure to prayer and liturgies throughout the school year. All students are encouraged to develop their talents and achieve their full potential, as they journey towards independence and finding their place in society as fully-rounded young men.
Our professional and dedicated teaching team strives for excellence in and outside of the classroom. We make every effort to create a positive school environment where learning is valued and are committed to the holistic development of every student in the long standing traditions upheld by our school. We have a great sense of community among staff and students throughout the school. Our state examination results reflect our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and the achievement of high academic standards. Regular reports, academic monitoring and an awards system are all part of the culture that encourages each student to achieve their personal best. In addition, students participate in a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
In St. Mary’s Knockbeg College, we work with our parents to enable and empower our students to grow and mature as young adults who will achieve their potential, be prepared to face life’s challenges and live meaningful and purposeful lives. We are humbled and privileged that so many parents entrust their sons’ education to us. I welcome you to visit our school and discover for yourself what makes our school community so special.
Michael Carew

A Message to both Parents and Students

It is essential that while in school each pupil conducts himself in a manner that allows him to best fulfil his potential, that he respects the needs and concerns of other pupils, and that he co-operates with the staff. The grounding for good education is in the home – it is the focused and motivated student who tends to benefit most from school – and in this respect we would ask parents to work with their sons and the staff in ensuring that homework is done, that an evening or weekend study schedule is put in place, and that a positive attitude to school and study is nurtured. Ensuring on a daily or weekly basis that homework and study is being attended to, that the uniform is in order, that there is punctuality of, and regularity in, attendance will help the focus towards learning and complement the work of the staff. This is a medium sized school, and we feel that the spirit of co-operation that exists here between staff, pupils, and parents and that is integral to pupils personal and academic development, has always been a hallmark of Knockbeg. Inevitably, while the onus will always be on encouragement and the instilling of self-confidence and a sense of self-discipline in pupils as we work with them to the best of our ability, situations will occur in a school whereby disciplinary measures need to be taken, parents need to be contacted or parents need to contact us. There is a Pastoral Care/Discipline system in the school to facilitate this. All the staff work in the area of Pastoral Care, trying to ensure that the personal as well as the academic needs of the pupils are catered for. We stress that at the core of all interactions in the school should be Respect for one another and our expectations to that effect, as staff and students, have been written down and are displayed throughout the school.