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Our Location

Knockbeg College is located in a rural area, three kilometres from Carlow town and Graiguecullen, Co. Laois. The school has been claimed by both Laois and Carlow, but the school sits firmly on Laois soil. Knockbeg’s famous avenue, leading into the rural site, is home to many types of flora and fauna. Any person entering Knockbeg is greeted by a huge array of wildlife on either side as they drive down the long avenue. The wildlife is then halted by no less than four GAA pitches, which all sit before a pavilion used as changing rooms.  The school is also situated metres away from the river Barrow which flows through Athy, Maganey and Carlow town, hence flowing directly behind Knockbeg College.

The Knockbeg Crest

A blossoming tree stands tall at the head of the Knockbeg crest, underneath, reads ‘Recissa Vegetior Assurgit’, a constant reminder of Penal times, and symbolizes Knockbeg also. The thriving tree also resembles the rural location and setting of the grounds of Knockbeg college. 

The prospering flower also represents the school motto, ‘Recissa Vegetior Assurgit’, meaning ‘that what has been cut back will grow back stronger’. The flower is a symbol of an object which returns more equipped after a setback. The flower may wither over the winter months but will grow back stronger come spring.

The Virgin Mary can also be seen in the school’s crest, the school’s full title is St, Mary’s Knockbeg College. As well as on the crest, St. Mary can be seen all over the school’s grounds, be it statues, murals or decorating the school walls, again solidifying the catholic ethos of the school.

The star symbolises the church and education in Knockbeg College as a shining light coming out of the Penal laws. A bright, shining star guiding us towards the post penal law era.


St. Mary’s Knockbeg College.

Knockbeg College Crest