Along with the Junior and Leaving Certificate Cycles, Knockbeg College also runs a Transition Year Programme. We have also incorporated an LCVP Programme into our Senior Cycle.

Junior Certificate Subjects Senior Certificate Subjects Transition Year Curriculum
•       Art, Craft, Design

•       Business Studies

•       Civic, Social and Political Education

•       Computers

•       English

•       French

•       Gaeilge

•       Geography

•       German

•       History

•       Mathematics

•       Music

•       Physical Education

•       Religious Education

•       Science

•       Social, Personal and Health Education

•       Technical Graphics

·         Agricultural Science

·         Art, Craft, Design

·         Business Studies

·         Biology

·         Chemistry

·         Computers

·         Design, Communication & Graphics

·         Economics

·         English

·         French

·         Gaeilge

·         Geography

·         German

·         History

·         Mathematics

·         Music

·         Physics

·         Politics & Society

·         Religious Education

·         Non Exam Religious Education

·         Career Guidance


·         English

·         Irish

·         Mathematics

·         Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Agricultural Science

·         Business – Accountancy, Economics, Business & Enterprise Education

·         European Languages – French & German

·         Computer Studies including Microsoft Modules

·         History

·         Geography

·         Technology

·         Art

·         Music

·         Physical Education

·         Religion

·         Career Guidance & Work Experience

·         Road Safety & Driving Modules including lessons

·         First Aid – Certified course

·         Social and educational outings

·         In addition, modules in Swimming, Self-Defence & Rugby are also included.

·         School Magazine – Publication

·         Gaisce & Pope John Paul 11 awards


Junior Cycle
It is the practice to allow each First Year student to sample certain subjects before making a definitive choice. This takes place for 3/4 weeks per subject up to November. This year the choices will be between Art, Technical Graphics and Music. The decision is made by the Principal based on student subject choices in conjunction with the subject teachers with ability and capability in the subject taken into consideration.

All students, except those with an appropriate exemption, take Irish, English, Maths and either German or French.

Transition Year
Any further information in relation to our Transition Year Programme can be received by contacting he school office.


Senior Cycle
Irish, English and Maths divided into Higher and Ordinary level classes. The others, in continuing with the College policy of mixed ability classes, are taught in combined classes.

In order to facilitate Third Year and Transition Year students in making their choice of subjects, before undertaking the Leaving Certificate course, the following system operates; All Transition Year students have weekly Career Guidance class. All subjects are sampled during Transition Year, where teachers present a synopsis of the course and advise their students in relation to the syllabus for the Leaving Certificate.

An information evening will be held for all Parents/Guardians and their sons. This is facilitated by the Guidance Counsellor and the Principal. This talk covers all aspects of the Leaving Certificate programme, subjects, study requirements, career areas for which it is important and the type and amount of work that is expected. In addition, a booklet is provided for students and their Parents/Guardians giving the above information as well as a synopsis of the course and the employment areas for which a particular subject would be useful. The Guidance Counsellor also addresses the students about the best combination of subjects to choose in order to give themselves the widest choice of options possible after the Leaving Certificate. This information evening usually takes place early in January.

The students have a period of time after this talk to reflect with their parents and teachers on their choice before making a final decision. The combination of subjects which is based on the students’ preferences, changes annually. The student choices made, will dictate the subjects which will be grouped together.