March 2020 Careers Portal Newsletter


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[1] Newly Enhanced CareersPortal CAO Points Calculator

[2] CAO 2020 Important Dates and Deadlines

[3] CAO 2020 Environment, Architecture and Construction on the Up

[4] Senior Cycle Options: TY, LCA, LCE or LCVP?

[5] The 1916 Bursary Fund Renewed For a Further Three Years

Apprenticeship News

[6] Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitter Apprenticeship Now Open

[7] Defence Forces Looking for Apprentice Aircraft Technicians

[8] Accounting Technician Apprenticeship – Expressions of Interest Open

[9] Women in Apprenticeships: What Opportunities Await You?

[10] Uptake on the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship (LAA) increases

[11] New Level 6 Sales Apprenticeship [12] ESB Apprenticeship 2020 Closing March 13th

For Jobseekers

[13] Clerical Officer Recruitment Campaign Open (Nationwide)

[14] Army & Naval Service Recruitment Now Open

[15] EU looking for Graduates and Job Seekers with Language Skill

[16] Applications Open For The Irish Rail Graduate Engineering Programme

[17] Is a Career in Engineering the Right Choice for You?

[18] Latest Recruitment and Employment News


Keep up to Date with our Latest Developments

CareersPortal have designed a new engaging poster on [20] Leaving Cert Subjects and the World of Work to assist students with their senior cycle subject choices.Posters will be available free of charge for collection at any CareersPortal CPD training sessions, branch meetings or careers fairs where we are exhibiting. The poster is also available [21] as Gaeilge.

View our guide on Leaving Cert subject choice [22] here.

We have also developed a new Career Zones poster which matches NFQ Levels to job training and experience. [23] See preview here.


[25] Updated Career Sector Pages on CareersPortal

Career sector pages have been enhanced to make navigation a more user friendly experience and include new integrated features such as:

Sector Specific Labour Market Trends
Highlighting Jobs in Demand
Apprenticeship Career Options

Along with career interviews, latest sector news, course and career videos, college news, employer insights, opportunities with languages, work experience and more!
[26] Why not start exploring here!

[28] Seachtain na Gaeilge
Get involved by translating your [29] REACH+Guidance Website into Irish for Seachtain na Gaeilge at the touch of a button!

Explore [30] SaolOibre.iefor everything you need to know about careers and courses as Gaeilge!

Keep up to Date with the Latest Career News …

[31] Future Makers Awards & Supports Now Open for Entries

Fund of €25,000 recognises the next generation of Irish designers and makers.
Closing date for online applications is 9am, Tuesday 31st March 2020.

[32] Army & Naval Service Recruitment Now Open Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

[33] Defence Forces Looking for Apprentice Aircraft Technicians Applications extended until March 31st.

Check out new Defence Forces videos [34] here.
[35] Are you studying Accounting at College? Join Chartered Connect!

Get access to CV masterclasses, interview tips, behind-the-scenes interviews with graduates and notifications of job opportunities as they launch. [36] Sign up today!

[38] ESB Apprenticeship Programme 2020

A 4 year apprenticeship offering dynamic work experience and both on-the-job and classroom-based learning.

Closing date is 3pm Friday 13th March 2020.

Clerical Officer Recruitment Campaign Open 2020 [40] (Nationwide)

Closing date: 3PM, Tuesday 24th March 2020

[41] Assistant Auditor Vacancy

Closing 3PM, Thursday, 12th March 2020

[43] Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitter Apprenticeship

Now Open for Applications – Involves plant and machinery installation, maintenance and repair, adjustment and servicing. Closing Date: March 29th.

[44] Irish Tax Scholarship for Leaving Cert Students

Are you a Leaving Cert 2020 Student interested in pursuing a Career in Tax?
We have the Scholarship for you!

Register your Interest by 20th March 2020.

SIMI will be in attendance at the [45] Women in Apprenticeship Open Day 12th March in TU Dublin Bolton St Campus.

Come by our stand to find out more about a [46] career in the motor industry.

Have you considered a career in motor sales? – check out this new Level 6 Sales Apprenticeship[47] video here.
[48] Explore careers that let you do what you Love

From Block chain Development to Sports Nutrition, there is no end to the possibilities a career in STEM could give you.

Read just some career stories [49] here.

[50] Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

Expressions of Interest Open for September 2020 Intake.
Apprentices earn at least €19,700 per annum. Apprentices college tuition is fully funded by SOLAS Register your interest [51] here.

Keep up to Date with College News and Events …

[52] Click here for the latest college news updates.

[53] Click here for all upcoming college events.

Check out our [54] Career Guidance Events Calendar for a full list of events taking place nationwide this academic year.


Upcoming CareersPortal / REACH+ training workshops for guidance professionals.

[56] Click here for full details on each session and to complete an online booking form.

Email any queries to cryan@careersportal.ie.






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Covid-19 information available in different languages

In the current climate of uncertainty, the Department of Education and Skills appreciates that students, staff and parents are being affected in various ways by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are equally aware that there are many students and parents in Ireland for whom English/Irish is not their first language.

With this in mind, the Department of Health and the HSE have produced Covid-19 resources in a range of languages other than Irish and English which you can access below:


The languages currently available are Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Latvian and Lithuanian.