Transition Year Students

Transition Year is a one year programme that will help your son to make the transfer from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle. It offers him a unique opportunity in a number of areas.
  • Personal: To help him develop his personality and character towards a more positive and confident self-image.
  • Study / Work: To develop independent work and study habits appropriate to the Senior Cycle.
  • Career: To become familiar with workplaces outside school.
  • Social: To become more informed about society and more skilled at dealing with people.
  • Relationships: Transition Year can encourage more mature relationships between parents and their children, between teachers and students. You as parents can feel more centrally involved in the growing-up and learning process.
Knockbeg College has high expectations of our students during Transition Year.


In Transition Year Pupils should:

  • Actively participate in the opportunities offered throughout Transition.
  • Develop work and study habits appropriate to the Senior Cycle.
  • Establish positive and respectful relationships with fellow-students and teachers.
  • Participate in classwork and complete homework and other assignments on time, to the required standard.
  • Observe the rules and regulations of this school with regard to conduct, attendance, punctuality and uniform.
  • Take personal responsibility for researching and organising work placements during the year.

Transition Year Syllabus


The Transition Year curriculum can be viewed here


Key Concepts


Maturity Directed to Adult and Working Life; Variety; Solid foundation for Leaving Certificate; Career Focus; Study Skills, Outside the Classroom Aspect; ”Catch-up” chances; Community Links; Build Confidence and Self-Esteem; Personality Development; Promote Enterprise; Parental Involvement.